High brightness LCD panel


About MJScreen

Shenzhen Wongin Technology Co.,Ltd. is backlight module solutions provider and manufacturer.

  • Advanced Brightness Technology-ABT

    「Advanced Brightness Technology-ABT」,Brightness of common LCD screen has only 300-400 nits, with the Advanced Brightness Technology-ABT technology can increase the brightness of the LCD to 600~4000 nits, and also improve the sighting distance, viewing angle, color saturation and contrast. The range extends from normal display to ATM, car TV, large TV wall display, smart community, large business district and so on.

  • Leading the industry

    Our LCD high-brightness screens are specifically designed to work in bright environments, clear in direct sunlight. Using places includes semi outdoor and outdoor, bus stop, train station, airport and retail shop windows. The high-brightness backlight technology also fully considers the problem of strong light refraction in the outdoor environment, and can adjust to the brightness matching the environment with the intensity of the light.

  • Meet the demands of different markets

    Commercial grade high brightness screens are designed for 24*7 use, providing high contrast, high resolution, and high definition. The brightness of the high-brightness LED backlight module can reach up to 4000 nits. According to the customer's flexible demand, from ATM, automotive market, LCD display, outdoor LCD billboards, LCD panels and driver boards from 5 to 86 inches in various sizes, we believed that it can fully meet the demands of different markets.

Product development capability

  • Super-slim
    Ultra-thin high-brightness LCD panel with thickness of 1.25cm only
  • High Brightness
    ABT technology can increase display brightness to 4000 nits, and other performances are simultaneously improved
  • Standard
    The international standard VESA hole position reduces the installed labor cost and standardizes the whole machine.
Standard production
The production workshop is equipped with industry-leading manufacturing equipment and a full range of testing equipment to ensure the reliable quality of the products.
Reliable quality
The product quality is reliable, which can meet the needs for mass production and customization


Company culture

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